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Beeswax has been used for ages to preserve, seal and protect food and is known to be antibacterial, antimicrobial and even antifungal. If you will take good care of your wrap, it will last very long. Staining will eventually occur as well as some patina, but it will not effect the function. I would like to tell you that your beeswax wrap will survive about everything, but I am affraid it is sensitive to some conditions like heat. 

Please, follow this instructions:

  • to clean your wrap, whipe it with a wet cloth a mild soap
  • avoid folding in the same way
  • avoid contact with any sources of heat
  • don't use for wraping raw meet
  • try to avoid contat with food that might stain the wrap in a way that might bother you and lead to you franticly trying to rub it of(beet root spread, for example). By intense cleaning, you can unconsiously rub away the beeswax.