I am sorry to all of you who would like to shop online - my online store is empty. We have a new baby at the moment and I have no time to take care of my online sales. Please, be patient. To apologize, I post here a photo of me and my baby:

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If from Frankurt am Main, Germany, I will be on the Bornheimer Designmarkt on November 22nd with new bags and toll Christmas presents ideas! Stop by, if arround! Otherwise, you can find me in an offline store Designe Kleine. There are my diaper bags, 

diaper clutches by bag me frankfurt

wet stuff pouches

Nasse Badehose by Bag Me Frankfurt

pouches for glasses 

and hair pin organizers.

I will work on my online sales again once our enlarged family gets into school rutine in September. Untill than I wish you great summer wherever you are!


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