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Contact us: bagme@bagme.net

Bag Me Frankfurt is a small German-Czech brand of reusable every day items run by two free spirited moms / childhood friends who care about our nature and believe in sustainable lifestyle. We focus on the area that brings most waste into our homes - grocery shopping and food packaging. That's why you find zero waste shopping kits and beeswax wraps on our shleves. We use both recycled and new materials and believe, that minimalism and eco friendly life style can be as colorful and diverse as every one of us. This is why we focus on pattern and offer a wide range of designs. For more go here.

If you want a peek into our everyday life and have fresh news about my products, join us on facebook or instagram, or follow our blog (Czech only, sorry). If you want to contact us, please do so! You find our contact details on the left bottom corner of this web site.