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Contact us: bagme@bagme.net

Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Zuzana and I'm native of Ostrava, Czech Republic, but life brought me to Frankfurt, Germany. I live here with my Bulgarian husband and three kids - the Vinnetou, the Princess and the Kamikadze Godzilla.

At the moment I fell in love with the Zero Waste lifestyle concept and I am creating things, that are usefull but also pretty and pleasure to use. I focus mainly on Zero Waste shopping supplies and products with bee wax.

I love books, structure, colour, natural materials, Japanese fabric, beeds, bee wax, fimo, working with my hands and fabric with letters and text, which has probably something to do with my original occupation. I received a degree in Bohemian Studies and - before the kids were born - was mostly writing for living. Now, sewing is my writing. 

Everything that I sell was made by me on my sewing machine Brother Inneov 30 in my nice basement "sweatshop" studio.

If you want a peek into my everyday life and have fresh news about my products, join me on facebook or instagram, or follow my blog (Czech only, sorry). Sometimes you can meet me at the local week market. If you want to visite me in my studio and pick yourself a nice bag, please do so!  If you want to write me an email, please do so! You find my contact details on the left bottom corner of this web site.